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Phishing Site Detection

Protect Your Organisation From Cybercriminals

What's phishing website?

Phishing websites are created to trick unsuspecting users into thinking they are on a legitimate site. The criminals can make the site seem as credible as possible, and many sites will appear almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Attackers can register domains that look like yours and use your brand as bait to target the people who trust it. They’ll even clone your website to steal credentials, personal information, and money.

Tutela phishing site detection is easy to use:

  • Insert the URL address you wish to monitor

  • Get notified in case any copycat sites appear on the internet.

Tutela provides you with a pre-warning that a phishing campaign might be underway.

How does it work?

Using diverse machine learning algorithms, Tutela fingerprints the site to be protected and alerts you if an SSL certificate that closely resembles the real website’s name is registered, if a similar domain name is registered, or if indeed a website that looks remarkably like the legitimate site is put up. Following the alert, the user can contact the domain registrar and hosting data centre for the fake site to request a takedown.

This solution enables you to

Keep your users safe and your reputation intact by proactively detecting phishing websites, and re-establishing trust.

Automate the scanning of your websites, URLs, SSL certificates, and other components. Once specific criteria are met, scanning for similarity to genuine URLs is triggered.

Constantly monitor your virtual assets. Tutela crawls the visible and dark web looking for telltale signs of malicious activity.

Protect against attacks where cybercriminals have cloned your website, irrespective of the hosting domain.

Protect your users from phishing scams using domains similar to your own.

Detect the use of stolen data.

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