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Vulnerability Detection

Make Your Infrastructure a Safer Place

What's a vulnerability?

A vulnerability is a weakness that can be exploited by cybercriminals to gain unauthorised access to your computer system. After exploiting a vulnerability, a cyberattack can run malicious code, install malware, and even steal sensitive data.

Vulnerabilities can be exploited by a variety of methods, and they may impact popular software, placing the many customers using the software at a heightened risk of a data breach or supply chain attack.

We designed Tutela to make the vulnerability scanning of your corporate infrastructure a breeze, allowing you to focus on your business.

How does it work?

Tutela operates by running a scan of the local network to identify devices, together with their operating system and installed applications. The system then attempts to further identify the versions of the installed applications and finally extracts vulnerability data for the identified applications from the US National Vulnerability Database curated by the National Institute of Standards and Technology ( You will also receive an email with a severity rating for the vulnerabilities.

Why Choose Tutela?

Quick set up

Set up takes only a couple of minutes. Just register URL, configure your targets, and download a scanning agent.

Easy to use

Just install the agent, launch a scan, and get the results on your dashboard or download the report as a spreadsheet or pdf. Results are flagged according to their severity, and suggestions are given for the next steps.

Accurate visibility into your infrastructures

Tutela identifies the vulnerabilities that need attention with high-speed, accurate scanning and minimal false positives.

Cost-effective for companies of all sizes

Cost-effective for any consultant or team, Tutela provides complete vulnerability scanning at a low price. Choose the plan that best fits your organisation’s requirements.

Tutela easily scans your infrastructure for vulnerabilities and helps keep your assets secure.

This solution enables you to

Achieve compliance. Tutela scans your network and records a list of vulnerabilities, giving you the ability to keep a close eye on any potential threats.

Automate reporting. Tutela makes scanning your corporate network a breeze, allowing you to focus on other important compliance requirements.

Triage results and protect your network effectively. Tutela helps prioritise the vulnerabilities that really matter by cross-referencing exploit databases to highlight those that are likely to be exploited.

Improve your security by baselining your website activity

Avoid common vulnerabilities

Map alerts to MITRE CWEs.

Ready to accelerate your business?

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